Sunday, November 28, 2010

PinUp Countdown

Here's the deal:

At the beginning of this year, I went to see a Bar Basement production of a thespian friend of mine.  Yes, it was literally in the large basement of a bar in Myrtle Beach.    It was a Burlesque/Science Fiction performance and it was quirky and not very well written, and I was actually more enthralled with the atmosphere in the "basement" (the people) than I was with anything happening onstage.   

One thing about this show though...which haunted me long after the last curtsy....was the lead actress.  She was just a few years younger than me and she had a body which was banging hot.   It's one thing to be toned, and quite another to be toned in a way so as to accentuate the parts of a woman's body which distinguish her and make it obvious she's not a fella.

Around the same time, I'd been noticing in the news that Burlesque, in various forms, is enjoying a sort of Revival.    Senior Citizens are going to Burlesque-style exercise classes at their local YMCA, young women are learning the art of Burlesque and taking their shows on the road, and I noticed this past week that Cher has made her own revival in a movie now out in theaters entitled....what else?   Burlesque! 

Along with finding my own interest in the whole Burlesque movement...I found myself very interested in Vintage Pinup Art.    So, I came to a decision.  Call it a midlife crisis if you want.   My last gasp effort to hang onto youth if you will.      

30 is one of those landmark age milestones...maybe not so much anymore, but it was when I passed over from 29 to the Big Three Oh!    My mom called to wish me a happy birthday and she asked me the typical question you ask of everyone who is another year older....."Do you feel any older?".    I said, "No, I feel just as immature as I have since I was a teenager.  I expected there to be a metamorphosis.  Some cerebral emergence of an older, wiser me."   She brought me back to reality......"You keep your same brain!!"

Oh well, and so it seems I have.  

So, here's what my brain and I have decided to do:    I've picked an arbitrary date in the future.  April 1, 2011, to be exact.    April Fool's Day.....that's about right!   lol. 

After watching the performance...back in the Winter of  2010...I spoke with the dude who invited me and told him of my plans to do a Pinup Calendar, or 12 different Vintage Style Pinup Poses.   He told me of a photographer friend of his who would be more than happy to indulge me in my scheme and so it seemed I was all good to go.  I was working out everyday to get my body the way I wanted and then.......

I fell over a raised outlet in the floor of a department store, and ruptured two discs in my back.   It's been a slow, painful recovery and twice the doctor has threatened me with surgery, but I'm getting stronger everyday and I'm ready to take on this project again.    I figure four months will be more than enough time for me to get in Pinup Shape and gather all the necessary props and clothing I'll need to pull this stunt off. 

I've posted a Countdown in the Left Sidebar.   I figure it's a good thing to have accountability in following through with ones hair-brained endeavors.    It would be easy for me to maybe think it's a stupid idea and not continue, but I'm actually stoked about it and am looking forward to the day I have actual pictures in hand!!

Each month I'll post a different picture of a Pinup pose I wish to simulate.    The first one involves the kitchen, as I do sort of fancy myself an amateur chef.   My specialty?   Hot and Spicy foods......what a shocker, huh?