Monday, November 29, 2010

Surface Level and Beyond

When it comes to music, it seems sort of hack to say "I like a wide array of music"  or "My taste in music is very eclectic".    But.....I do, and it is.    So, call me hack!

Even though I enjoy listening to Top 40 at times...maybe while I'm power walking along the beach or vacuuming the house or mowing the lawn;  it's all just surface enjoyment or something akin to small talk with a stranger in line at the grocery store.    It's what I listen to when I just want to have something on in the background...something with a steady beat...something to keep me on pace.    Nothing more.  Nothing less.   It fills the gaps...sort of like a candy bar in between meals; nothing but empty calories!

Then, there are those times when I like to sit down and actually absorb some really good music...something akin to engaging in an actual, full-out conversation with another human being or sitting down to eat a satisfying meal...things which are meaningful and memorable.

I do a lot of driving in my work and I do a lot of sitting down in front of a computer.   Music is ALWAYS on in my life.     While sitting at a traffic light the other day, a Top 40 song came on.  I started tapping out the beat on the steering wheel, when I suddenly "heard" what I was listening to.   And I said to myself, and I quote:  "what is this crap?"    Most of the tunes I'd heard prior to that one...all sounded the same and they were all sung (such as it was...using high tech wizardry to enhance or distort the voices) "singers".  These were not musicians. 

The type of stuff I really enjoy listening to is the type of stuff constructed by musicians.   The type of stuff that is written and performed by the artist and not by someone else.    The type of stuff that originates from the mind and the heart.  The type of stuff where the person singing might actually be able to pick up an instrument and play it because they know how to read music and everything!

I feel the same way about relationships.   There are those I engage in with others and it's really nothing more than my candy bar between meals.   Empty calories.   A total lack of substance, but fun and exciting and pleasurable nonetheless.    I can't subsist on those sort of connections though and after a while, I not only want more; I need more.  I want to sit down to a feast (conversationally speaking, of course) with one or more persons and enjoy course after course presented before us.  Lingering over everything.  Paying attention to everything.  Noticing the nuances in everything. Enjoying and being enjoyed.

My Point?  I'm not here to delve into hot, sexy, surface-level-only topics.   There will be some of that...some of those candy bars between meals, but my ultimate intention is to go beyond the surface level and to plumb the depths.  To set a table and invite you to come and feast on each course that's presented.   I think you'll find me a sensual person, yes, and I count that dimension of my life to be extremely important, but it's not the only aspect of who I am.    It's just one of my many parts.  Just one.   It does permeate most of what I do, because I want it to.  I have cultivated myself that way.   I like being a woman and I like projecting my sensuality because without it; I think I would be nothing more than an androgynous creature(more on that at a later time).  Yuck!

Next up, I'll try to awaken your palate with an interesting appetizer or two.

Bring your appetite, as my momma taught me how to cook for a crowd!!