Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Totally Hot!

This is hot, hot, crazy hot.  In my book anyway. 

I was signing into my Twitter account this morning and on the Twitter home page was a scrolling list of Top Tweets.    And O.K., I'm sure I'm downright late to the party on this one, but the Dalai Lama has a Twitter account.   Oooops, correction, his "office" has a Twitter account.   I guess that's the same as "The White House" issuing statements to the Press.    Maybe it's the earliness of the hour; I don't know, but I couldn't stop laughing when I went to his Twitter page and saw his little face and I pictured him sitting....on the floor....legs crossed........with a laptop in front of him....typing away........periodically through the day....updating his Twitter account.   Totally raised his "Coolness" factor in my book.

Dalai lama Twitter Account

That got me curious.  And sidenote, this is why it's dangerous to work from home.   Getting sidetracked is so easy, but it's also part of the allure.   As long as the work eventually gets harm, no foul.

Back to my curiosity.  It got me to wondering about other holy fellows and whether or not they were as hip as the Dalai lama appears to be.   I looked up the Pope.  He has several Twitter accounts.  One account seems to be verified by Twitter.  This has been a great energy boost to my morning.  I've been laughing almost non-stop.  When I Googled The Pope on Twitter, I came across some very funny news stories from as far back as two years ago when "the Vatican" (what's up with all these talking buildings?  I wonder if my house is issuing statements to the Press about me behind my back?)....was grappling with the whole idea of going "social media".   The angst among followers was equally distressing.  Now the whole Lot of them seems to have embraced the idea and behave as if none of it was ever an issue.

Twitter Accunt of Pope Benedict XIV

Again, just can't picture the Pope Twittering.  I imagine all of his finery getting in the way.  Maybe he just dictates his Tweets.  Some Cardinal is in charge (hah!....ya'll are welcome....that pun was definitely unintended)...of Tweets Dictation.   Oh man, what a funny, funny world we live in!!! 

These two dudes just made my hottie patottie list!!!