Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm a Big Fan of Isaac Asimov's Humor

A lot of his jokes are total kitsch, but if read or said with a Yiddish accent...the value soars.

Mr. Ginsberg, age 83, went to the doctor for a complete examination, head to toe.

About halfway through, the doctor was called to the telephone.  He said, "Mr. Ginsberg, this will not take more than a few minutes.  Here is a jar.  While I am gone, go to the bathroom and place a semen sample in it for examination.  Then we'll continue."

A few minutes later, the doctor indeed returned, and there stood Mr. Ginsberg with the jar--totally empty.

"Doctor," said Mr. Ginsberg.  "I did my best.  I tried with my right hand; I tried with my left hand.  I even tried with both hands, but nothing happened."

The doctor said soothingly, "Now, Mr. Ginsberg, don't feel embarrassed.  At the age of 83, it is quite common to be impotent."

Whereupon Ginsberg said, with towering indignation, "What do you mean, impotent?  I couldn't open the jar."