Thursday, December 2, 2010

Subjects Which Were Once Taboo, Part II

Let’s jump ahead. It’s my Sophomore year in High School. It’s Spring, 1979. I had just turned 16 that previous October. I was older because I had to wait a year to start school due to an October 1st cutoff …my birthday being in the middle of October caused me to have to wait a full year to start kindergarten.  Riveting...I know!

I was a baton twirler in High School. We did it all……two batons at one time. We twirled fire. We marched in parades. We did the halftime show with the rest of the band and color guard during our High School Football games. We traveled around to compete against other High Schools. It was one of the best times of my life with the best girlfriends. We were a small squad and very close.

Here’s how close we were…..

This particular Spring, we were invited to march in …if my memory serves me correct…..the Apple Blossom Festival parade in Niagara Falls, Canada. We were put up in a tacky hotel up the hill from the Falls and we were set loose on the city. One night, all of us girls were congregated in one of our hotel rooms…. in our jammies, eating junk food, laughing and carrying on. Someone brought up the fact that they were having their “time of the month” and she didn’t want to march the next day with that big pad….(as they had a tendency to inch up the back of your panties and sometimes…to actually pop out if you couldn’t get to it in time. But that’s a whole story for another day.)

One of the older girls among us…..a Senior!…….asked why the girl didn’t just go ahead and put a tampon in. She, like many of the rest of us, had never been able to find her hole either. So, we all went into the bathroom to get a lesson from the older girl, as to how to put a tampon in. When all was said and done, there was much laughing and crawling around on the floor laughing so hard……..but not one of us found our holes that night….unfortunately for the girl who didn’t want to sport her big pad during the parade. She did though…..and everything stayed where it was supposed to.

I was thinking of these stories the other day as I entered my favorite lingerie store, Priscilla McCall's (Priscilla McCall's).  

On my maiden visit to Priscilla's, I was in the market for some new lingerie.  I was new to the area.  Drove by.  For all intents and purposes....the place looked like a lingerie store.   Don't you agree? ( Myrtle Beach Location ).   And, it's not that it's NOT a lingerie store.  There is actually lingerie in there, but not as much as I thought.   It's a very small percentage when compared to the square footage inside versus the amount of lingerie product displayed for sale.   

I really like this store because  it's staffed by mostly middle aged women who are extremely knowledgeable about the products they sell.    I came in for some lingerie and left instead with a toy or two and some very sexy smelling spray on oil and a whole lotta knowledge that I did not possess when I entered.

I'll share that knowledge with you......

next time......