Sunday, December 5, 2010

Subjects Which Were Once Taboo, Part III

A continuation. If you didn't read parts I and II...probably no big deal, but it might help to put this in context.

As to the knowledge I received when I visited Priscilla's for the first time (and yes, I'm a regular customer now):


Like most women.... I never could grasp the idea of why men seemed to "have" to watch porn on videos or to read porn in magazines.   I never got turned on just looking at some random half-naked guy in a magazine and any porn that I had seen, in my 20's...well, it just made me laugh.  I found it sort of goofy and corny and predictable and on the campy side.   My way of thinking was that if a man had to watch porn to pleasure himself, then the woman and/or women  in that man's life was/were doing something wrong.    I found out, that just isn't the case, and my mind has been definitely changed to see the value which some porn provides to men and women alike.

During that first visit; I gained a vast amount of information concerning various and sundry sex toys.   Here too was another area where I had never fully explored what was available and neither did I know how to incorporate it into my life. No relationship, I don't care  how healthy it is...can grow deeper by travelling on the same plane...because after a while the journey on that straight plane becomes a little on the boring and predictable side...something akin to a flat lined electrocardiogram.  The "patient" needs an injection of adrenaline or a defibrillator...chest compressions....something...anything......!!!!!

To keep a relationship from flat lining...something has to change and at Priscilla's there are shelves stocked with "change"  

The dialogue has definitely changed and these subjects which were once taboo are now mainstream topics of conversation.  Women are having Tupperware-style parties only now they are selling Sexual Relationship Enhancing products.    That woman in line with the three screaming kids in front of you at the grocery store....yeah her.....she's could be one of the many women who is going home tonight and once the kiddies are fed and in bed.....she will host a party with her gaggle of friends and they are going to squawk and cackle and giggle all night over these fun products which have changed their whole way of life.  They are happier and healthier and they nag less and they have sex more! It's a win-win!!! 

to be continued......