Friday, December 3, 2010

Double Duty

Before I continue with the Taboo Subjects; I have to touch on this one. 

A few days ago, I was watching a video on YouTube, but before the video launched, there was
a commercial and I wish I could remember the name of the organization which sponsored it, but I just can't.   While I was trying to locate it again, I came across this ad from Brazil from last year.  

The whole idea...and it's not just in this worldwide campaign to save water.   To conserve.  And everyone is asked to eliminate the flushing of their commode at least one time everyday.  Their solution?  Pee in the Shower!

We could go round and round on this to whether or not it's a good idea... but I will state for the record, that I won't be conserving water by urinating in the shower.     I think I've come up with a better solution to save water each day.   Or at least every so often.   Actually, the more often, the better.

Eat Dessert Once A Day In A Sexual Way!

I'm not advocating getting fat by eating sweets everyday....although everything in moderation keeps one from binging...but let's just call it a Sweet Treat, as it can take on many forms.  That's the beauty of it.   My way of conserving water has options and employs variety and has only positive repercussions. 

The idea is not to use dishes or utensils when you have your dessert.  This saves water because you won't be adding those items to your already full dishwasher and neither will you be washing them by hand...ergo...less water used.

The Concept:  

You and your partner make a pledge that you'll have a Sweet Treat with one another once a day...or at least a few times a week...and....  

...instead of plates and forks and spoons....

...your bodies become the dessert delivery platform and your fingers, hands, feet, mouth, tongue...become the utensils.

This is a solid idea.  Nothing but good can come of it.   It promotes a provocative fun in a relationship.  The provocative fun will then bring about a deeper connection or bond.  The provocative fun bond will also bring about those good feeling hormones which are released when two people are intimate with one another.   It's a total win-win!!!    And, the best benefit of all....water is conserved in the process. 

I know you're probably looking for holes to poke in my idea, but I think I've looked at this from every angle. (no pun or double entendre intended)   One might say that more water will be used because the two people will have to take a shower.   Well, wouldn't you be taking a shower or washing up after being intimate with one another anyway?  (please answer yes)   So, then, shower together..........omg.....another win-win.  This just keeps getting better and better the more we talk this out together!

This idea can be as simple as holding a piece of cake or some cookies on a napkin and feeding one another.  See?........easy.   

It can be as elaborate as building a layered dessert and then consuming it....being careful to leave no morsel behind (again, no pun intended or double entendre).   

It can be as easy as drizzling some homemade caramel sauce on one another or if you want to really take the experience to a new level....employ the use of a government approved aphrodisiac (no such thing.  employing a little sarcasm/irony)...and get double the benefit.   I receive a newsletter each week which highlights a different aphrodisiac.  The one I got yesterday suggested Maple Syrup.    Am I saying I believe in the idea of foods having aphrodisiac properties or qualities?  Well,  honestly don't know... but I do know is that the power of suggestion is a powerful tool.  So, use it!   Whip out the maple syrup....and if you believe it will heighten your sexual senses...then very will!!!

Spray on the whipped topping...

Slather on the custard or pudding or yogurt (if you're into healthy living or want to keep a smooth running digestive tract)

Dip in chocolate and roll in nuts.....

Construct a banana split................

Just do it......!!!!

And while you're enjoying the experience, also enjoy knowing that you've kept a gallon or two of water from being wasted and abused.

Ironic side note:   When I finished writing this, I went in to take a shower.  As soon as that hot water hit me, guess what?  I had an intense urge to "go".   But, as I'm an adult; I waited till I finished showering.....I "went".....and then....I flushed!

A Poked Hole Side note:   O.K., I found a hole.   What to do if you don't have a significant other to share dessert with?   I guess now is as good a time as any to go out there and find one.  Another win-win!